Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The best of the bunch...

The sun has gone down. It gets darker earlier now. My day was quiet but enjoyable. Outside is colder than I thought. It's always colder than I think - hence the reason I have many chilly adventures. The wind has sure picked up. That's why it is so cold, I think. I made a trip to a few stores close to home and was thankful that I didn't have reason to travel farther. I was planning on going home today, but a thunderstorm brewed in my stomach. When intestinal clouds roll in, it's best not to cross area codes. I was a bit sad not to see my family today, but I will head home early tomorrow. It's not too long of a wait.

I do miss my parents and siblings though. Ten years ago, I never thought I would be saying that I miss my family. Of course I have always loved my Mom and Dad and brothers and sister. They have always loved me too. Living under the same roof makes such feelings hard to recognize in family. Waking up and seeing the same people everyday allows us the chance to take them for granted. They are always around and we assume it will always be this way. Being so naive justifies annoying our family members and showing sides of ourselves we would rarely expose to others. We are free to be free. We can be as kind, nasty, understanding, quiet, abnoxious, flexible or as difficult as we wish.

There is a shift that happens as we grow up. We leave home and build our own lives. We see that the world is full of millions of people. For every sweet soul, there is an idiot around the corner. We realize that friends are fickle and distance seeps into even the strongest of friendships. Intentions to get together rarely turn into actual meetings. We leave messages rather than talk in person and eat meals from wrappers rather than a plate while sitting at the dinner table. Life gets busier as we get older. Gradually, as all of these things come to light we mature, we look to the those who have always been there.

We don't get to choose our families. If we end up with a top notch bunch, (as I did) it's a reason to say hallelujah and to give each person in your bunch a hug.


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