Thursday, October 23, 2008


There are bed bugs in my apartment building. They have been here before. I am lucky that they have never infested my apartment. This invasion sounds aggressive -or so I hear from tenants. Apartments are being sprayed and bed bugs are moving down each floor. They need to travel a few before they reach mine. Is that good or bad? I'm not sure. It would best not to have bugs at all.

Last night I came home from visiting the Observer to find an information package on pest control at my door. Management must feel that every tenant has the right to be informed of the problem. I agree, but knowing all about the possibility of little bugs biting me in my sleep gives me the creeps. Thinking about them lying in bed makes going to sleep very difficult.

This morning my attendant was reading the info booklet out loud. I wanted to tell her that I could read it on my own and that I really didn't want to dwell on the little bugs, but I just listened.

If bed bugs do make their way to my apartment, at least it won't be a shock. Knowing that I am sharing my home with little critters will not make me happy, but at least I can have my apartment sprayed.

As a little girl being tucked into bed, my parents used to say, "Don't let the bed bugs bite" The phrase was just for fun, but now it means something different. If bed bugs are around, they bite even if we don't want them to. The phrase should be changed to, "Don't let the bed bugs near you." Fortunately, they aren't in my bed.....yet.


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info is good but on a need to know basis.