Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bugger off..

I couldn't sleep last night. All this talk of bed bugs is making it hard to sleep. My attendants keep reading the info package out loud. I want to scream the following:

I have already read these papers. I know what they say. There is no need to read out loud. I need to sleep at night and when the same scary, gross, itch-provoking facts are drilled into my head, calming down enough to sleep at night is very difficult, so process the information alone, because you're not telling me anything new. It doesn't matter how many times you repeat the same details, it still means the same thing. I will deal with whatever happens.

Saying this would be rude, so I won't. At the Observer's suggestion, I have moved the papers out of sight. I am tired of hearing about bed bugs. My parents are buying me a mattress cover to stop the bugs from laying eggs in my mattress and prevent me from having to throw out my mattress should bed bugs get comfortable. The cover won't stop them from coming, but it will lessen the damage they can cause. My parents are life savers.

Lack of sleep is causing me to be short tempered. I don't feel chatty or in the mood for listening. I think I hear the Observer's bus outside. We're going out for dinner and the sun just came out after a rainfall. I am feeling my spirits lift. Maybe bed bugs will be in my apartment if they aren't already, but dwelling on them won't help. Yes, I am bugged, but I am telling thoughts of insects to bugger off.


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i'm sorry ur having such a hard time love. I would cuddle with you in ur bed until you you were in dreamland if I could..