Thursday, October 23, 2008

A cracker moment...

The Observer and I hung out and he ordered pizza at his apartment last night. Seeing him was great and I miss him today. I was still tired from the previous day's troubles and felt pretty yucky. The Observer was understanding, as always. On my worst days, I can count on him to know just how to cheer me up.

My parents stopped by to drop off some food and supplies. The Observer doesn't live far from them, so getting to his apartment is much easier than getting to mine. Riley came with them and she barked a little. I think being in a different place excited her. Being so tired, I wasn't talkative, but was still glad happy to see them and appreciated that they were there.

The Observer says I watch "intellectual" shows, because I do watch some documentaries. We watched a show I like called Workout. It's about a well-known LA gym and the trainers who work there. Workout is racy, gossipy trash TV. I hope he realizes that I do watch some pretty mindless shows and not everything is "intellectual." There are shows that are meant for pure entrainment value. They are as important as documentaries, but they serve a different purpose. Everyone needs a little trash.

The Observer is on medication that he needs to take with food. He munched on crackers while I watched Workout. Halfway through his snack, he gave me a few of his crackers. It was such a sweet gesture. I will always remember it. It's the little, simple things in life that mean so much. A big picture is made of little parts and life is the same.


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that is my goal in life is make you the happiest I can.