Friday, October 03, 2008

Getting hit with a dose of laughter and reality...

I just got home from meeting a friend at Union Station. She is the kind of friend everyone needs, because she is so kind hearted herself. I love her. There are a lot of people I really like, but only a few who I truly love and my friend is one. Anytime I see her is special and she reminds me of how it's important to choose our friends wisely. Maybe everyone feels this way about a best friend.

We chatted over sandwiches and coffee for four hours. Only females can stay in one place and talk for that long. Actually, anyone can, but ladies really enjoy it. While I waited for my friend to a arrive, I got excited looking for her. It was a bit like the happy anticipation one feels while waiting at the airport to greet a family member. Isn't that silly? I saw my friend two weeks ago and all we were going to do was hang out a train station.

As usual, I enjoyed watching people come and go. Unlike my last trip, I failed to see any old friends, but at least I got to spend time with an important one. On my way out of Union Station heading towards home, a guy was rushing through the doors obviously trying to catch a train. When he saw me, he slowed down, backed up and opened the door. I was touched that he stopped in mid mission to help me. I hope he didn't miss his train.

On my way home, there were about five police surrounding a major intersection. Just as I made it to the crosswalk, I saw a man on bicycle and a taxi driver arguing. I overheard the bicycle rider say that he was almost hit by the taxi. While he was yelling, the rider was blocking traffic four ways. No one could cross the road, no cars could move and everything froze while we listened to the man yell. Cars honked and people yelled. A nearby police car came over and yelled at the bicycle rider to take his anger to the sidewalk. I had to laugh over so much yelling. Only in the city can we end up frozen in the middle of a heated argument.

Last night I watched a documentary called That's My Time, the story of well known Canadian comedian Irwin Barker's show on terminal cancer. Barker talks about the truth in mortality and tries to poke fun at issues that make most of us squirm. I knew nothing about Mr. Barker before watching the documentary, but I saw how, underneath comedy, there is realness. It's just a bit lightened up. Irwin Barker surpassed his life expectancy, so now he is living on bonus time. He stressed not letting any illness stop anyone from being creative, because that is how life goes on. Mr. Barker probably would not have stopped traffic to argue with a taxi driver who almost hit him. Irwin Barker probably have smiled and told the taxi driver that getting hit would have been a quick and somewhat painless death, unlike dying from terminal cancer.


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