Friday, October 24, 2008

Home with myself...

I am alone tonight. It's dark now and it's only 7:30. Isn't that a little sad? They say there might be a heavy rainfall tonight. The sky was looking grayish earlier, but now that it's dark, it's hard to say. I would have to go outside and I don't have my coat on.

Last night I decided to see if I could get a ride home today at the last minute. I miss my family, especially Mom and Dad. Hearing Mom's voice made me homesick. Since my hometown and where I live now are in different regions, two buses are needed to get from my apartment to where my parents live. Getting home is not simple and either are spur-of-the-moment decisions to travel. I found rides leaving the city, but not from my parents house going back to my apartment. Spontaneously finding rides downtown seems to be easier than it is from my parents' area. When I think about it, the city is bound to have a greater availability of trips compared to where I grew up. There are advantages to being a downtown girl.

I am having a leisurely meal tonight. I ate a spinach salad. My favourite kind of dressing is light barbecue sauce. I know it's a bit weird. Maybe I wrote about this before. My salad was good. The BBQ sauce tasted smokey, which is probably from hickory. My side dish was a few edamame, baby Japanese soybeans in the pod. They are boiled in water and sprinkled with salt. Popping the little beans out of the pod is my favourite part. I heard someone say that edamame is the modern popcorn, but I think ethnic cuisine has a way to go before that happens. Popcorn is a standard, can't-go-wrong snack. Maybe edamame is the Japanese version of popcorn.

My Mom said she was looking forward to our visit. It would have been great to see my parents, but I'll see them next week. We will have missed each other even more than we do now and will be even happier to visit, so maybe that's a bonus.


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I don't think I tried those beans.