Friday, October 10, 2008

In the simple world of great coffee...

I went shopping tonight. You know when you NEED to get out there moving and seeing people or you think you'll go crazy? That's where I was at.

It's fun to window shop and browse. It was perfect weather. I was without any layers and was comfortable. For me, that's something. I'm usually the first to feel the cold.

After three and a half years of living near a huge mall right in the city and making countless shopping trips, I finally memories the floor where my favourite store is located. I have aimlessly wondered about people watching but mostly trying to find my top store. Today I memorized how to find it. This is big. No more wandering for me. I am little sad that a shirt I was going to buy is gone, but it's my fault for taking so long to make up my mind. It's not like I really NEED another shirt; I have lots.

I watched this little toddler cry as someone she and her Mom were shopping with was leaving. Her little arms were reaching out from her stroller and her face was all squeezed up in a sad expression. The woman she was reaching for stopped, gave her a hug and said, "See you tomorrow." It was so sweet. The little girl was very cute, even though she was sad. The woman who was leaving meant a great deal to her. I hope to matter to a little person in that same way someday.

On my way home, I made a Starbucks stop. Shopping and Starbucks seem to be my ritual when I'm a solo city girl. I had a decaf coffee with a shot of cinnamon syrup. The coffee was delicious - very sweet, but soothing and hot.

There are about five police cars at the subway and it looks as if it has halted service for now. Hopefully nothing dangerous happened, but the appearance of five police cars including the chief tells me otherwise. Maybe it's best that I'm blissfully unaware. I'll keep thinking about the great cup of coffee I drank and pray that all will be resolved at the subway soon.
Remember how ealier today I was feeling "OK"? I was reflecting on moods changing from day-to-day. Well, perhaps they change hour-to-hour thanks to some people watching and coffee shop calm.


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