Thursday, October 09, 2008

just beautiful...

i tried to get a library card today. the guy at the desk told me that i needed to show proof of how i was and where i live. after riffling though my purse, i could only find identification, nothing saying where i live. i left. i'll be back tomorrow holding a paper with my address on it. once i left the library, i went to the grocery store. my plan was to stick to salads today, but i was so hungry. i bought a pumpernickel kaiser. it was good. salad was my dinner. i guess it was a two course meal if you count the kaiser bun.

i watched an old tape of recorded Oprah shows from months ago. i switched VHS tapes and forget about the one on top of my TV with shows I haven't watched.

i was feeling warm not long ago. i went outside to get air and cool off. it's amazing weather - not too good - not too hot. a homeless guy said "have a good night and take care." i wasn't looking at him, but i think he was talking to me. i said nothing, but was thinking about how the night is beautiful and i just had to go outside to realize it. beautiful parts of living are just beautiful; we rally have to do anything but live to feel their purpose.

- ocg

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did you get a library card