Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One of my worst days yet..

I just survived my worst day since last Christmas when Mom had a heart attack. That day goes down as the worst day of my life, and yesterday will be known as my stupidest mistake.

Being the adventure junkie I am, I decided to wheel to my doctors' appointment. I knew it would be the last opportunity before the weather gets cold. Now there is no doubt in my mind. After half an hour of wheeling, I realized the weather was already too cold and that it was too late to take the bus. I started out a little chilly, but was still comfortable. The reality that I wasn't even close to the doctors' office and I wasn't going to get any warmer didn't hit me. Maybe sometimes ignorance is a blessing. The wind picked up, so I went to a coffee shop and ordered a coffee and a biscotti. Hoping to warm right up, I stayed there for a bit but had to leave when I finished my snack and remembered that I still had a distance to go. I was shivering and late by the time I made it to the doctors' office. My freezing, disheveled appearance must have made the doctor take pity on me, because she was kind. Throughout my appointment, the nagging worrying about getting home and my (still) cold extremities kept invading my thoughts. How would I do it if I was still cold from the trip there?

Following my appointment, I went to a plaza where I have shopped a lot. Being in familiar territory felt good. I browsed the music, pet and clothing stores and bought sesame sticks at a bulk store for a snack. Somehow I knew I wouldn't get home for a while. My bladder felt full and that concerned me. Cold weather and a full bladder spells trouble.

Well, I did not have a pleasant trip home. The wind whipped and snow flurries fell to the ground. Usually I enjoy the first snow flurries of the season, but I just wanted to get home. Stopping in stores was my attempt to stay warm, but doing so only made my bladder more uncooperative and my arms and legs less able to stay warm. Three blocks from home, my bladder had enough. In soaked pants and freezing, the enormity of my troubles hit me. I was in a fuddle (or pee puddle to be frank.) The cold told my breath away and I couldn't drive my wheelchair for more than five seconds without needing to stop. My whole body was so cold. Desperate, I asked a stranger to drive my wheelchair for me. He kindly obliged. Whoever he is, thank you.

Once in my building, I made it to the floor I live on before the shock of everything overwhelmed me. I urinated everywhere again. The attendant who came to my rescue moved fast. After a hot shower and tea, I still felt shivery. The coldness stayed in my bones until 3 a.m. When I finally warmed up, I fell asleep.

I am happy that I am OK today and grateful to those who helped me when I was so cold and scared. I learned that not every adventure is positive, but each one is an opportunity to learn.


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what does not kill you makes you stronger..