Sunday, October 19, 2008

Predicaments of a smelly, frustrating kind...

It's a another sunny, beautiful day. We are lucky. I am wearing my new top. I think I am the picture of fall, sporting all of these flowery, bright colours. I am tired today. I was late going to bed. My evening attendant showed up late and wasn't answering my calls trying to tell her that I had an emergency. When she arrived at my apartment, I was in a bit of a "predicament." Thankfully, my attendant was very understanding and gave me a top notch shower. I think she knew that I was in such a state because she was late. Not being able to walk doesn't make me too sad, but getting in "predicaments" does. Having no control over when people arrive for help after you're counting on help sucks. My body doesn't stand for lateness. How can I blame it, really? Everything involving my care is very scheduled. Over the years, I have taught my body how to operate on a routine. It doesn't always corporate, but most of the time, I can predict what my body needs and when.

I hate being dirty, even a little. No one likes it, I suppose. I spend days worrying about whether I still smell. The Observer understands. We are both clean people. He always smells great. I am feeling a little melancholy. It's almost time to go the christening. Once I get there, I'll be OK. A small part of me worries that I smell, but hopefully people will not my smile and not my stench.

I get to sit beside the Observer, so if I do smell, he'll be kind. That's why I love him.


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you smelled fine my love....espresso and water thats how you smelled what a combo