Saturday, October 04, 2008

Simple satisfied...

Downtown is very busy tonight. Streets are jammed with people lining up to see works of art by Toronto's finest creators. The Observer and I went to one of our favourite Italian restaurants for a late dinner. It was quite the brisk trek, but well worth a little chill and distance for delicious food. There was an air of sophistication in the restaurant. I get the hunch diners who frequent the place are serious about food. I had a salad with grilled peppers, feta cheese and walnuts and two many slices of crusty french bread. The Observer and I thought the seasonal pumpkin desserts looked too good to pass up. We shared a slice of pumpkin brandy cheesecake - calories I don't regret consuming. The Observer loves pumpkin pie, so I suggested we share a slice. The pie was good but the cheesecake was amazing. I have had my share of pie over the years, so maybe I am a bit choosy. We rarely share two desserts. I suppose it is equal to both of us eating a dessert each, which doesn't sound so indulgent.

The trip home from dinner was relaxing, because the area is so well maintained. People are safe. We stopped at Starbucks halfway home for a chance to talk and warm up. My coffee warmed my insides and made for a comfortable trip the rest of the way.

There is more noise, chatter and traffic outside. I feel like the Observer and I unintentionally avoided all the downtown action. Instead of lights, crowds and noise, we had our sense of adventure, good food, a pleasant neighbourhood and each other. The city is full of so many people and places, but when it comes down to it, we really only need a few basic things to be happy.


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