Monday, October 06, 2008

Sweet and low...

I'm having a "party-for-one." Loud, beautiful, happy tunes are blaring from my computer. I'm typing in the dark.

It was a sunny, fall day, but I am ashamed to say that I spent very little time outside. In fact, I did very little - just read and watched TV. I was one lazy girl. My apartment building has a new superintendent, and I met her on my way out for some air. She seems friendly and helpful.

My family had dinner together last night to celebrate my father's birthday. Dad will be fifty-six-years-old tomorrow. It was great to catch up. Riley and the Observer were introduced and Riley licked the Observer's bald head, which made me laugh. I was very tired, so I found many things funny. I met my brother's new "friend." From what I could tell, she seems VERY outgoing. She said more to me in five minutes than my brother's last girlfriend said in two years. I know the Observer will really click with her, as they have a similar bubbly nature.

I saw my sister-in-law bald for the first time. She stills looks like herself but tired and thin. Riley didn't lick her head, but maybe it's because they have met many times. Maybe Riley was licking the Observer's head to symbolize shaking this hand.

I think I have a hint of a double chin. It's bothering me, of course. The last two days have been full of yummy, rich, sweet, and seasonal treats. My face feels rounder. Its not the end of the world. I've felt this panic before. My weight concerns seem so insignificant when I think of all that my sister-in-law is facing. My Dad's birthday and Thanksgiving are both causes for celebration. Why do I focus on my weight and food when there are so many other important, special things going on around me?

I just heard these lyrics from a song called Sweet and Low by Augustana:

anywhere you go,
anyone you meet,
remember that your eyes can be your enemies

the rain is gonna fall
the sun is gonna shine
the wind is gonna blow
the water's gonna rise...

Maybe I will listen to the words a few more times...


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great song grat times