Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The times-they-are-a-changin'...

It's a rainy Wednesday. The way Wednesday is called "hump day" makes me laugh. It's drizzly and grey out.

The Observer and I went to see Nick And Nora's Infinite Play list. There seems to be trend in new films to show the imperfect, real elements of being young. It's entertaining and refreshing. Movies that are too "over-Hollywood-ized" get old. No one has a perfectly, primped image and lifestyle. I'd much rather watch a movie with characters who pass gas, lose control of their emotions and aren't immune from being human. Nick And Nora was very real and sweet in a not-sappy way. The Observer and I both enjoyed the film, which is always a plus. Our movie tastes match occasionally and differ the rest of the time. There are very few movies that I love. I'm a difficult viewer to win over. The Observer LOVES films and knows about casts, directors, and story lines. He impresses me. Unlike myself, he has seen more films and likes a few genres. When we both see a movie we enjoy, it usually does well at the box office. I think the soundtrack will be a bestseller. With the word "play list" in the tittle, the soundtrack ought to be good. There were some less known bands and tracks that will probably gain popularity. These days, offbeat art and entertainment is attracting attention. New trends are interesting. The pendulum swings with time. Sometimes plain is the fad - other times the more eccentric the better. Whatever direction trends take, I hope that I will always be able to proudly wear my orange pants and enjoy sitting in my orange sun room. Hopefully hump day will always mean Wednesday.