Friday, October 31, 2008

Tunes in the city...

I am listening to Ray LaMontagne's latest CD called Gossip In The Grain. There hasn't been one song I haven't enjoyed. The CD was a gift from the Observer. He knows what I like. I am a lucky lady. Ray LaMonntague has a soft, blues, jazzy sound. His music has been on the soundtracks of a few movies, including the movie A Lot Like Love, where I first heard his hit song Trouble. His music is so mellow that, even with the volume on my CD player turned up high, it's not too loud. I am a hunch this album will be in my CD player for a while.

The Observer also gave me the album Closer: The Best Of Sarah McLaughin, a greatest hits collection. It's a sweet listen and saves a lot of CD flipping. There isn't an artist I enjoy more than Sarah McLaughin. Her songs soothe my soul, just as any good music does.

Tonight is Halloween. The Observer and I both share an indifference to this day, though I like how orange gets attention. My nieghbourhood is packed with costumed, loud party-goers. The air is full of laughter, yelling and exciting. A car horn honks about every twenty minutes reminding me that I am in the center of the action.

After dinner with the Observer, I made it home before late. I am in my pajamas loving my new CD. I may not be in the middle of the action, but I am content to live around it. I am enjoying my "party for one."


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