Sunday, October 05, 2008

A win...

I am in the middle of watching Sledgehead, a CBC documentary on the Canadian sledge hockey team. Sledge hockey is for wheelchair users and people who cannot skate. It's similar to hockey by played while sitting on a sleigh-type seat. I am not interested in sports, but am interested in this documentary as I know two players. The show discusses disability stories and preceptions too. One player was my boyfriend for two weeks at camp. He was cute, fun and popular. I see he has done well for himself and that makes me happy. The second player I know was my camp boyfriend's best friend. He was handsome, arrogant and competitive. During the document, he was suspended from a game for breaking rules. Even at 13, he seemed like that kind of guy.

Canada's sledge hockey team won the national championships. My camp boyfriend helped score the winning goal. I cried. It's not easy being challenged and it's not easy excelling at hockey, but the team did. I think it is amazing that people from my past are so successful, even if one is conceited. I don't think my camp boyfriend remembers me, but it was fun to watch him win.


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i'm glad you enjoyed it hun.