Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Windy, orange, wet, pumpkin, filtered, coffee

Today is a windy one. I can hear the wind hitting the trees. The roads look a little damp. We must have been hit with rain and I didn't realize it. Listening to bushes and leaves hitting the window at night is a little eerie. Maybe the weather will help bring on the Halloween spirit. Watching the news yesterday, I saw a clip about white pumpkins. They have the same proprieties and consistency as orange pumpkins, except they are white inside. I thought the pumpkins were a funky, modern twist - although I can't imagine why anyone would want to change anything in life that is orange. What colour is more vibrant and alive?

Speaking of things that I love, (which inspired the name of this blog), my french coffee press lost a screw this morning. It happened after my morning coffee, so there must have been a higher power watching out for me. Being the coffee addict that I am, I have a number of different coffee making methods but the others require filters. Realizing I was filter less, I made an emergency trip to the dollar store. They are the only place to carry the exact size to fit my coffee basket and they happen to offer the best bargain, which is an added bonus. The trip over to the dollar store was chilling, but I was sensible enough to wear a coat. Seeing street goers in their winter gear made me a bit sad.

The dollar store was jammed with shoppers. Coffee filters are one of the only supplies I regularly get from them, so I knew exactly where they were. Making my way in and out of there quickly was a relief. Dollar store shoppers aren't usually the most patient. They are looking for things quickly and cheaply, This describes a lot of other things in life but coffee ought never to be one.


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