Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Being festive, aware, and home...

My apartment looks festive and pretty now. I am happy about that. Mom and Dad set up two ceramic Christmas trees. I love them both. One is a fiberoptic tree with lights that change colour every few seconds. It's funky. I think I have mentioned the tree before in my blogs leading up to Christmas. The tree makes me smile and brings a little holiday spirit to my home in this loud, busy city.

Mom and Dad don't visit me often as it is pretty far for them to travel. When they do, I feel grateful they are such loving, helpful parents. Mom loaded my refrigerator with food, so I am set for a while. Dad did some baseboard cocking to deter bed bugs should they venture this way, which lessens my bug worries. I also had some minor painting and little odd jobs done. I always think that hardly anything needs work around here, but it's amazing what we find needs doing when we look. People talk about finding things they never knew existed only when their eyes were open to seeing. Maybe the secret to being happy is being fully aware of what is around us. I'm sure happiness is about more than awareness, but it could be a start. Mom and Dad brought a yummy dinner. We had fresh pasta with tomato sauce, bean salad and cabbage salad. The best part of the dinner was chocolate cheesecake. After two pieces, I was a satisfied lady. Knowing how to enjoy dessert is a major step on the pathway to happiness in my books.

Riley came to visit too. At first she was sniffing everywhere and trying to reach anything she could get her paws on. We're all a bit curious in new surroundings. After a while, Riley relaxed and dozed on the floor. She started to paw at my arms and reach towards me. It's like Riley is saying, "Hey, remember that I'm here, OK?" I like that Riley and I can be at the same level. Sitting down all the time makes this hard. I have sticky paper on the floor of each room to see what kind of critters are lurking. Riley lunged straight for it and she had paper stuck to her nose. It was funny until she started to cry....

I feel pleased when Mom and Dad see where I live. Hopefully they think I am doing okay here. It's taken a few years for my apartment to feel like home, but it does. I know where everything is and have decorated it the way I like. Each room is painted to my taste and furniture is where I like it. On a stressful day, my apartment feels safe. Maybe that's what being home really means.