Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bold, sweet and hot...

I had a good Sunday. The Observer and I met at the Pickle Barrel in the mall. We ate around three 'o clock, so it was breakfast and lunch combined. (dunch). The restaurant was busy. Everyone must have been Christmas shopping and stopped for a bite. I was a little annoyed at the hostess. She wouldn't let me order from the kid's menu. Being mad, I was tempted to only order water, but then I realized that I was actually hungry. Just because I wanted to eat like a kid didn't give me the right to act like one. Our waiter was very helpful. My anger at the hostess disappeared as soon as I saw his kind face. I ordered bruschetta, one of my Pickle Barrel staples. It's presented with bread pieces arranged like a tower and tomato salad in the center. I enjoy dissembling my tower and drenching each bread stick in Tabasco sauce. I am addicted to heat in my food.

We ran into an old friend of the Observer's who we have been trying to connect with for a long time. She is such a sweet person. Of all people to bump into, I'm glad it was her. We chatted for a bit. My mouth and throat were on fire from the Tabasco sauce I had with my meal. I was trying not to show that I was burning up inside. Hopefully I hid it well.

The hostess didn't need any hot sauce. She was bold enough, but at least our waiter was sweet. We need all kinds of different people to season the world, just like food.

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don't you think ur hot enough sweety I certainly do