Monday, November 03, 2008

Don't let your back-bone slide...

Standing up for yourself isn't easy, especially if you're a kind person. Doing it well takes practice and a certain degree of self-confidence. We aren't born knowing how to be assertive. We need to be shown and given the chance to build that skill. Since I rely on others for help for some very important stuff every day, it's become very clear to me that if I don't speak up, I won't get what I need. In the end, I suffer.

When I was younger, I was pretty meek and mild. I had a hard time asking for what I wanted. Once I got pushed around a few times, I developed a thicker skin. My voice became stronger and more deviant. Now I still struggle to assert myself, but the more practice I have gained, the easier I find it to be direct. Hopefully I don't come across as rude. My goal is to show that I may be friendly, but I am no doormat.

Why all this assertiveness reflection? Well, today the Observer had to push for what he needed. I was angry that he was being forced play hard. He was asking for basic, important stuff. After a little pep talk, the Observer stuck by his guns and won. I am so proud. The Observer may not have any hair, but he has a back bone. Tonight he found it.