Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fall back...

Today is "fall back", meaning we all get an extra hour of sleep. I love it. They are talking about leaving our clocks on fall time and not setting the clocks forward when spring time arrives. I am all for that. According to health experts, an extra hour of sleep is beneficial to our overall health. A study reported that less heart attacks occur during the fall and winter time change than when we set our clocks ahead. These could be loose findings and perhaps coincidental, rather than to do with an extra hour sleep. In the big scheme of things, does one more hour really make that much of a difference? If someone is going to have a heart attack, isn't it going to happen regardless of how much sleep he or she gets? Sure, overall health including proper sleeping patters helps reduce one's risk of complications like heart disease, but I am skeptical that one hour would make or break the deal.

I asked someone to set my bedside clock back before I went to bed last night. The person set the time ahead instead. I'm on it though. Time changes make me nervous when it comes catching buses. In the world of transportation for people with mobility issues, an hour is a big deal. Well, even five minutes can mean a missed ride and a flubbed day. A mistake of hour when catching a bus means any hope of salvaging the day's plans is gone. You're screwed. It's best to suck it up and get the time right next time.

Speaking of buses and time, I have a bus to catch soon. My family is having dinner, which is always fun. We haven't all been together in a few weeks. Sadly, the Observer can't come. Today is his father's birthday. I understand. We always live with value that family comes first. There are so many celebrations and so little time. Though an extra hour would be sweet, it wouldn't change that we can't do everything we wish we could. That said, life is for living and maybe a little extra shut eye would help us live better.


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we all love sleep especially on days like today