Monday, November 17, 2008

Freedom, sweet freedom...

I spent an extra day with my parents after we got home yesterday. They encouraged me, and it's tough to say no to them. The weekend was fun, but I am glad to be back. There's nothing like my own freedom and space to do what I wish. At the chalet, I used my manual wheelchair, which really restricted my movement. Every time I wanted to somewhere I had to ask to be pushed. There were lots of stairs on each level, so my brothers and Dad had to carry me often. This made me feel bad, even though I knew they didn't mind. I have a great family. I also have great independence and both are very important to me.

Today I lounged around in my pajamas watching TV and chatting with my parents. If I were in my apartment doing this, I would feel unproductive and lazy, but somehow when I do it around my parents, it's different. It doesn't matter what I'm wearing or doing, I'm happy to be with them. The past weekend was fun because I was with family, I only wish the chalet didn't have stairs. Ah well, we can have it all, can we?


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