Saturday, November 08, 2008

Hello, hello, is it you???

I watched Scent of a Woman with the Observer today. I can see why it's considered a classic film. It was deep, funny, and made me think. Movies like that are my style. The Observer got emotional and that's when I know he's enjoying what he's watching.

Do you ever notice that when you're waiting for a specific call, you rush to pick up the phone, and it's often someone else just calling to say hi? This afternoon I told the Observer to call me when he was close to my building because we were going out for an early dinner. Around his expected arrival, the phone rang three times. First it was an attendant, then Mom, then a friend. When I answered the phone again, I was glad to hear the Observer on the other end of the line. Hungry and feeling like company, I knew he would brighten me up. There wasn't much sunshine today, so the job went to the Observer. He delivered.


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thanks hun you always make me :)