Saturday, November 15, 2008

Inside the chalet...

I am sitting here drinking pomegranate green tea and watching the rain out the window. The chalet is beautiful - bigger than last year. There is a very pretty view where we can see the other chalets. Everything feels rustic. All the tables are funky wood designs. The counter top is a bar with stools. I love that kitchen style. The living room has an electric fireplace that has warmed me up a few times.

Every dog belonging to my family is here, which means we have two boys and a girl who walk on four legs. There has been a bit of tension between the two boys, but after some growling, they seemed to have settled. Riley, the female, is happy to be around all the company. Just like people, I suppose there is bound to be conflict between male dogs and the girl is easily contented.

We have spent the day playing games. There is a new game on DVD called Planet Earth. It's multiple choice trivia. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to nature and animals, so I opted to team up with my sister and her husband to be, who are well travelled and smart. We did satisfactory. My parents won. I can tell they are enjoying having us all together. When I return to the city, I will think back on this weekend and miss my family.

The wind is blowing loudly, but I'm listening to my brothers and Mom playing Monopoly. Their conversation is making me smile.




I wish i was there


i'm happy you could find a tranqill place to write this post..