Thursday, November 13, 2008

In the mood...

The Observer and I saw the movie Role Models. My stomach wasn't cooperating, so I found it hard to concentrate. I think the Observer enjoyed it, because I heard him laughing quite a bit. You know how when you feel off, nothing can be funny? Maybe I'll watch it again when it comes out on DVD. I saw enough of the movie to know that it was along the same story lines as Knocked Up, only Seth Rogan didn't have a part.

I hate being under the weather when I see the Observer, but having had stomach problems himself, I think he understands. When I am not feeling well, I don't like anyone touching me or talking to me. I try to stay quiet. The Observer knows when to leave me be. After three and half years, I am glad about this.

It's rainy and wet today, but the sun is starting to peak through the clouds. I am feeling so much better now. Last night, I would not have cared about the sun at all. When we feel good, we care about the good around us.




i was concerned for you hun we will see it again.


We will see it again i promise.