Saturday, November 29, 2008

My friend (my orange coat!)

The Christmas shopping craze is on! The Observer and I went to the mall and it was twice as busy as usual. It's going to get busier from now until the end of December. Crowds make me cranky. I wasn't the most cheerful of the cheery shopping today. I didn't have the urge to "get out there and buy." I have picked up a few gifts, but still have the major, important ones left. Making decisions has never been my strongest quality, so I'll be scratching my head over the next few purchases.

On the radio this afternoon, I heard a commercial that was talking about receiving gifts and how people say "You shouldn't have." We hope that friends and family we buy presents for don't literally mean "You shouldn't have."

My Mom bought me an orange winter coat last Christmas. Being late winter, I didn't wear it much, but now, it's my favourite coat. It makes me feel happy. Sometimes gifts grow on us. I like the feeling of getting attached to clothing we already own. It's a bit like becoming really close to a neighbour. He or she is so nearby, that if we become friends, it's a bonus. I suppose my coat is like an old friend who wraps around me to keep me warm. How can that not be a good thing?


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