Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Here comes the sun....for now...

Today was beautiful weather - the kind that is bitter sweet, because it will be one of the last warm days we have. In an effort to suck up all that sunny goodness, I made my way close to the St. Lawrence Market. Hungry and starting to feel a bit shaky, I stopped into a nearby grocery store and bought a bun. The grocery store is huge and has an upstairs where customers can sit and eat. It's quiet with lots of windows for sunshine. I enjoyed munching on my bun there. I came home in better spirits than when I left, which often happens when I get food and fresh air.

I came home and ate a bowl of bran as my second dinner course, two lollipops for a third course and a big bunch of romaine lettuce for dessert. It was good.

Mom went back to work this week. She hasn't said too much about it, because she doesn't want anyone close to her to make a big deal. Mom seems tired. I hope she OK. Throughout her recovery, I hope she learned that she needs to say when things aren't alright. Admitting things need adjusting or something is wrong sounds easier than it is. We get embarrassed or feel as though we are making a big deal. In reality, we owe it to the people we care about to speak up. Mom likes to make everyone happy, which is impossible. One day, maybe Mom will realize that she doesn't have to do anything for my family to be happy. We are happy because she is here.


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