Sunday, November 30, 2008

A sweet cake contest..

My TV in my bedroom was on all night. Going to bed, I was feeling pretty tired, so I should have switched it off when my eyes started feeling heavy. The second I got into bed, my phone rang. It was the Observer calling to tell me that there was a wedding cake episode of Food Network Challenge he thought I would enjoy. Famous pastry chefs made elaborate cake designs and a couple got to choose the one they wanted. They were all beautiful and had to be delicious. One cake was pure chocolate and took my breath away. Being so spectacular in design was one thing and being pure chocolate gave it one up on the competition. The chocolate cake was picked by the couple, which probably wasn't a surprise to anyone. No one at that wedding would be disappointed. You really can't go wrong with chocolate cake. It doesn't have to be beautiful, just yummy.

If we can admire our cake, and eat it too, that's a sweet deal.


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it is for sure a sweet deal