Saturday, November 01, 2008

Tastes like sugar...

I am very tired. Lately, this has often been the case with me. I couldn't sleep last night. Again. Today I am a grumpy girl. My temper is short and I am spaced out.

My attendants were friendly and the Observer came over. We went to our favourite Italian restaurant, the place we have made our long weekend tradition. Tonight's trip was pretty frosty, so I think it will be our last until the weather warms up. I had a big cheese pizza. It was good but I am stuffed. I feel like a balloon.

We came home and got warm while watching a taped episode of ER. I was making silly jokes and laughing at nothing - a sure sign that I am overtired. The Observer bought me a box of Splenda. I will use a packet in my coffee tomorrow morning. Hopefully I will be more alert and happier. Maybe the Splenda will sweeten me up.


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you don't need splenda my love you are already sweet.