Friday, November 21, 2008

tired, oh so tired...

i had a sleepless night. today was ok. i read and got some work done, but i am tired now - very tired. here's a confession: i told a friend i was planning to meet for coffee that i wasn't feeling well. i'm not sick, just tired, so it is a bit of a stretch. she's sweet, and i'm feeling guilty. in this mood, i doubt i'd be good company. plus, it's cold and dark and i don't feel like going out. my mind is fuzzy and, in the dark, that's not good where i live. being out at night means being awake or it's dangerous. i hope my friend isn't mad. i don't feel like coffee, so i must be really, really, really tired. tomorrow it will be the first thing i'll want in the morning. it always is. i'll always be hoping my friend isn't upset. hopefully some top notch sleep is in store for me. i feel like an exhausted, bad friend. isn't it better to be an awake friend wanting coffee?

- ocg

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u not wanting coffee is the world ending