Saturday, November 22, 2008

An afternoon of Dirty Dancing...

Baby, oh baby, my sweet baby, you're the one
- Love Is Strange (Dirty Dancing)

Today the Observer and I saw the play Dirty Dancing. Set in the summer of 1963, it tells the story of "Baby," an optimistic teenager who finds love and a passion for dancing. Times are revolutionary, and young people are realizing their power to change the world.

Going to the Royal Alexandra Theater was fun, especially knowing that the show was going to be upbeat, exciting, and nostalgic. After seeing the movie many times, I wondered how the play would compare. The story was almost identical, but with some added music and scenes. If I am going to be watching something for a few hours, a substantial plot is a must. The person who portrayed "Baby" was a satisfactory actress, but the rest of the cast made up for her. Melissa O'Neil, the 2005 winner of Canadian Idol, had a small part where she sang a solo. I thought her voice was stronger than "Baby's," but I suppose she isn't an actress.

I found myself grinning during most of the show, which makes me think it was good for my soul. The Observer is a big Dirty Dancing fan and knew many of the songs. He got right into it, clapping and cheering. I'm not quite as outgoing in an audience, but I think we balance each other out.

I haven't seen many professional plays, so it was a refreshing way to spend a chilly afternoon. Dirty Dancing will make you smile. Go see it if you can!



Lurker said...

Good to read your thoughts on the theatre production.

"Dirty Dancing" still remains one of my all time fave romantic movies (I know almost every line by heart lol) Good to know that they did it justice.


i loved it thanks for comming with me ocg