Friday, December 05, 2008

A day of kind people...

Tonight my Dad came to visit. He has been sealing up the baseboards in my apartment should bed bugs visit. Dad looked tired. After we chatted over coffee, he slept on the couch. I was glad he got a quick power nap. My baseboards look cleaner now. I guess getting rid of little spaces gives baseboards a more polished look. Once Dad finished a few odd jobs, we went out for sushi to a place we know well. The restaurant is close, it's affordable and the service is friendly. Our ritual is to order two cucumber rolls, one avocado roll, and one tuna roll. When they bring the platter to the table, it looks like a lot, but we always eat it all. The servers bring spring rolls to start that are on the house, our entree, and sliced oranges for dessert. I like sushi places that offer on-the-house perks.

Dad set up a florescent solar lamp beside my computer. The lamp has been sitting in my closet for two years. A convenient time to get it going didn't come until today. I feel good knowing it uses less energy to burn and that it is supposed to mimic sunlight.

At the grocery store this morning, a very sweet cashier served me. She could see that I needed extra help and went out of her way to ensure I got what I needed. I picked up a carrot muffin for Dad and some vegetables. A little boy held the elevator door open so that I could get in while the adults with him kept walking. He really impressed me. He'll grow up to be very kind. One day he might do some little chores for his grown daughter and take her out to dinner. To me, that's what every good Dad ought to do, but maybe I am very lucky.