Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A headache in the middle of fair weather conversations...

We have rain instead of snow today. It's damp and gusty. The raindrops aren't too heavy. They fall and dissolve on winter coats before anyone can get cold or be too bothered by them. The cars are whooshing on the slick roads. Some people are wearing shoes and others (like me) have boots on.

I met an old friend at Starbucks today. She's what I would call a "fair weather" friend. My Grandma explained to me as a little girl that "fair weather" friends are around when they feel like it and things in their life and yours are good. When life is hard or it's not convenient for them to offer their company, they keep to themselves. "Fair weather" friends come and go as they wish. I would call the friend I had coffee with today a "fair weather" friend. She is smart, kind, positive and funny. We have a long history and I have realized that she is not completely trustworthy. I still enjoy chatting and catching up. We have funny talks and much of our lives connect, but I keep my very intimate thoughts and news private to be safe. My "fair weather" friend makes having coffee light and casual, which is refreshing. Life can get bold, heavy and serious at the best of times, so talking about surface topics like TV, family, boyfriends, pets, food, work and school is good for the soul. You'd be surprised how much ground can be covered.

I spilled my coffee all over the floor. The Starbucks barista gave me another cup free of charge. I was lucky.

My head started pounding on the way home. I picked up ibphofen from the drugstore and it worked quickly. I feel so much better. Headaches aren't the worst ailment to have when they can be so easily cured. They are kind of like "fair weather" friends - we wouldn't want those kind of friends all the time, but occasionally they can fit into our lives as long as we remember their place.
"Fair weather" friends make me appreciate my solid, top quality friends and headaches help me appreciate feeling well. Life isn't perfect all the time, but we have casual acquaintances and painkillers to deal with it.



Lurker said...

Hmmm....I think I have a lot of those. Hope all is well with you :).