Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hoping against the odds...

There is still snow on the streets. The wind is whistling outside my window. At this time next week, it will be Christmas Eve. Life moves so fast. I called one of my best friends today. Hearing her voice made me miss her. We made plans to get together after New Years, which sounds very far away.....

I watched a documentary about a Canadian solider whose head was smashed open by an Afghan enemy solider. Parts of his brain came out of his skull. Remarkably, the solider survived and underwent massive rehabilitation. The story ended with the solider finally leaving hospital and moving into a wheelchair accessible home with his wife and daughter. Near the ending, he asked a doctor if he would ever walk again. The doctor gave him a diplomatic "no."

The Canadian solider and his wife were still holding out hope that he would someday walk despite medical advice to the contrary. Is this good or bad? Optimism or false hope? Looking forward or being unrealistic? A motivational goal or prolonged disappointment? How can we truly be happy now if we are fixated on a future event that may never happen? Is this the same as faith? Believing our dreams will come true even if they don't is OK, right?

If we don't have hope, what do we have?


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hope at times is the only thing to keep you sane