Monday, December 29, 2008

A little cream...

I am very, very tired. My eyes feel heavy, my thoughts are muddled and I'm not making much sense. Is that how it feels to be drunk? Last night I was feeling sleepy too. Night-time is as good a time as any to feel sleepy I guess. All I really did today was putter around. My attendants were all friendly and helpful, which always makes my day better. Just before it started getting dark, I felt a sudden need to get out of my apartment. After a few minutes outdoors, I thought it would be smart to go somewhere close. I headed to an underground shopping center that is perfect for winter days. Needing a pick-me-up, I ordered a small decaf coffee with milk. The woman behind the counter gave me a medium. When I corrected her size mistake, she waved it off and only charged me for a small coffee. I appreciated her kindness, but have a hunch that my coffee wasn't decaf and that there was cream in it, not milk. Whatever. The lady who served me was friendly. One coffee with cream isn't going to kill me. Sometimes life, like coffee, doesn't turn out the way I would "order". However, I try to remember that, as long as it's the way I like it to be most of the time, I can let a few things slide - like cream instead of milk in my coffee.

When I can't sleep tonight, because the same lady gave me regular instead of decaf coffee, maybe I won't be so forgiving. My thinking will be along the lines of: "This girl needs sleep! Get it right lady."

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i'm sorr ur soooooo tireded wanna cuddle?