Sunday, December 07, 2008


I am all charged up now - or I should say my wheelchair is all powered up. A technician dropped off a battery charger before I went to the party yesterday. I got lucky. He said I was getting pretty low on power, so I am grateful he came to my rescue. The party I attended was fun. There were a lot of seniors who enjoyed wine. (Some a bit too much!) By the end of the night, a few party-goers were very intoxicated and one or two were even belligerent. Too much alcohol does funny things to us - too much of anything does, really. Being older, I would have thought the crowd would have more self control over alcohol, but I guess it's tempting at any age. There were two bottles at each table. Our table didn't open our wine and it was being eyed by the big drinkers. A party organizer took it off our table. Sometimes removing temptation is the only way to beat it. I stuck to coffee for the night and enjoyed two tarts for dessert.

Speaking of coffee, I am over-caffeinated tonight. The Observer came to visit today and we went to Starbucks. I ordered our drinks, but got his wrong, so the barista sweetly made him his usual mocha frappuccino. She said we could have the one I originally ordered. I rarely have frappuccinos, but decided to drink this one. It was free, so why not? I enjoyed the frappuccino. It tasted more like a milkshake than an iced coffee, but I'm not complaining. After slurping it down, I felt a bit shaky and realized it was probably because I had drank a medium cappuccino before the large frappuccino. Starbucks is serious about their coffee and their drinks are very high in caffeine content. That's probably why I'm buzzing about. Hopefully sleep will come tonight. If not, I will remind myself that it's not every day I have the chance to drink a free Starbucks frappuccino. Some things are too good to pass up.


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very true never pass up anything free.