Saturday, December 06, 2008

'Tis (or 'tis not) the season...

Last night I watched The Grinch Who Stole Christmas starring Jim Carey and narrated by Anthony Hopkins. I have seen it before, but it always makes me smile. This is the best time of year for holiday films. I'm not one to watch Christmas movies all year round. I have to be in the festive, social mindset or Christmas movies lack appeal. This morning I saw the weekend superintendent wearing shorts. I just can't do that either. The season doesn't fit the look. Isn't he cold? I'm wearing a heavy sweater and heavy jeans and I'm still chilly. Whatever makes us happy, I suppose.

My wheelchair is having battery troubles. Somehow it's not holding the charge. At first I assumed the battery charger wasn't being plugged in correctly, but I made sure it was done right before bed last evening. Alarmingly, it looks low now. I called the wheelchair company and a technician is bringing another charger. We'll see if it's the charger or my wheelchair having issues.

Later today, I am going to a Christmas party with the Observer and friends. I hope my wheelchair cooperates. I'm crossing my fingers. If I run into trouble, at least I'll be inside. Getting stranded anywhere is not good - any season of the year.


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christmas can't always be perfect lol