Saturday, December 13, 2008

Too much fun and caffeine...

I am over caffeinated. You know how you do something and realize instantly that it's a mistake? I am in such a spot now. I was craving diet root beer from A & W. I went to the Eaton's Center with the Observer where there happens to be an A & W burger joint. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I must have known this and that's how the craving grew. Luckily, the Observer knew exactly where to find the store. I am always getting lost - even in my own neighbourhood. It's strange though, because I can always find a nearby coffee shop. (Maybe because they happen to be on every corner!) I ordered a large root big. The thing was massive. I was so thirsty that I slurped it very quickly. While I moved out of the way and was balancing my cup on my wheelchair, it fell onto the ground when a group of teenagers bumped into me. They looked embarrassed and uncomfortable, but didn't say sorry. I asked them to pick up my root beer. They did, but still looked embarrassed. Usually I am sympathetic towards people who accidentally make a mistake, but these boys didn't bother to apologize.

On the way home, the Observer and I stopped at Starbucks. I didn't really need a coffee, but I really wanted one. I had a small decaf. When it's cold and I'm outside, my mind always wanders to coffee. Lately I have been ordering my Starbucks coffee with a shot of vanilla syrup. When I leave and go out into the coldness, there is such a sweet taste in my mouth. Perhaps that's part of the reason being outside makes my craving for coffee stronger.

There is a guy in my apartment building who the Observer knows from his teen years. They are the same age and grew up in the same community. The guy is gay and really likes the Observer. Whenever he sees the Observer, he smiles big and says hello. When I see the same guy in the halls, I get no reaction - just a blank stare. I tease the Observer about his "boyfriend" in my building all the time. When we bump into him together, I can't stop laughing. I lose my marbles. Today we ran into the Observer's "boyfriend" twice and both times caused me to be overcome with giggles. The Observer didn't think this was very funny.

I think all the caffeine I had tonight will make sleeping a challenge. When I have been over-caffeinated, I tend to laugh about the day's events while trying to sleep. The Observer and his "boyfriend" will be on my mind if too much caffeine should keep me from sleeping.