Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow, snow, everywhere!

Well, the weatherman was right. It's a snowy wonderland out there. I see a few people on the streets and a handful of cars. Only really bad weather makes the streets so empty.

The fire alarm has been buzzing throughout the building for five minutes. I hear sirens headed to my building. A fire truck pulled up. There are red lights flashing and now there is another truck. The fire alarm seems to be set off in cold temperatures. Maybe the pipes are more fragile. Now there is peace.

I am disappointed that I didn't get to see the Observer today. I miss him. His test went OK this morning. Phew! I know he is relieved. I am relieved for him. He is on his way home on the bus. Part of me is glad I'm not out in the snow, but being inside is not exciting. My irrational, adventurous side wants to go to the drugstore up the road. I would be going only to leave my apartment and it's not necessary to go today. I know I shouldn't, that my wheelchair could get stuck, that it is cold and the streets are deserted, but part of me still wants to get out. It's crazy, and dumb, but it's my thinking.

I think I'll go watch Oprah on TV. Her shows can be good, though not always super exciting. At least I won't be cold or stuck watching her.

The snow is pretty from my window view. I dreaded winter's arrival for long. Now that it's here, it's not so awful, but we are only about six weeks into the season. We'll see what my opinion of winter is by the end of March...


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