Tuesday, December 23, 2008

White stuff again...

Something smells funny in my apartment. There's a musty, wet, dirty scent surrounding me that resembles a wet dog. It could be from my snow covered, melting wheelchair tires. I ran errands three different times today, so my hardwood floors got showered in slush quite a lot. Each time I came home, I would bring a trail of wet, dirty, ice with me. As I moved around, the ice would slowly fall on the floor leaving a black, gritty mess. The floor was mopped, but I guess there's a lingering odor. I don't like dirt or bad smells. No one does, but I have to go out, right?

I stopped by the grocery store mainly to get cash back from buying lettuce. I came home for a burrito and some coffee and then made my way to the bank. The trip was cold and snow flurries picked up. The teller who helped me once I made it was sweet and I wished the regular security guard a happy holidays. He responded with his usual "Be safe." It's comforting to hear and I know the guard means it.

Still in my coat, my phone rang. It was Mom asking if I could pick up some cashews for our potluck dinner tomorrow night. Of course, I agreed. My sister gave me the job of bringing salad, but it's a difficult dish to transport on two buses. My Mom kindly offered to put the salad together with its traditional poppy seed dressing, cashews, cranberries, pears and cheese. Since I am only bringing cashews, I picked up some nut and raisin buns that are my favourite grocery store find. They are small and make a yummy "slightly sweet" breakfast, but I think they'd be good any time of day. The grocery store wasn't as busy as I thought. Being five o'clock ("rush hour"), I suspected lots of people were picking up dinner or last minute Christmas dinner preparations. The place was busy, but not a zoo. In the bakery isle, I met a kind, older man who lives in my building. He seemed distracted and I didn't get to exchange holiday wishes before he took off. Hopefully I'll see him before I leave for home.

The streets are covered in white again, but it's predicted to be melted by Christmas Eve. Reports say this is the first "white Christmas" all of Canada has experienced since 1971. Last Christmas I learned that we never know what the holidays will bring. If snow comes our way, I won't mind because most Canadians will look out their windows to the same weather. I like that idea.


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i agree its about time we all get the same weather