Saturday, December 20, 2008

winter, winter, please slow down!

all my lights are turned off. the only light i see is from my two christmas trees, the tv and computer. i'm watching miracle on 34th street. if there's a time for christmas movies, it's now, i think. the old, black and white version i watched was comforting. i have seen it before, but realized for the first time that william frawley from i love lucy has a small part. i am a big fan of i love lucy, black and white comedy at its best. i have the complete series on dvd and watched a disc yesterday. they make me laugh. it's the simplest show, but i think that's why it's so entertaining.

waking up today, my plan was to finish up a few errands. a few minutes trudging through the snow in my wheelchair told me i wouldn't get far. getting stuck isn't worth it. coming back inside, i felt a bit trapped. it's been two days of not getting out. i suppose i could look at the bright side - that i have a safe, warm home place to sleep and come and go as i please. i have warm clothes, coffee, books, music, movies, tv, telephone/internet communication, and most important, peace and freedom.

mom and dad made a spur-of-the moment visit. it was great to see them. we had swiss chalet and riley was licking her lips at the chicken. i felt bad that i had nothing to offer them. usually i like to get mom a flower. given the weather, i think they understood. seeing my parents lifted my spirits. they always do.

there is another storm coming tomorrow. the observer is supposed to come over but i am doubtful. i miss him so i'm a little blue, but what can i do? it's winter. i would love to see the observer, but not if the weather causes dangerous roads. if he can't visit, i have lucy and a new book. i'll be a bit lonely, but also warm and safe. the observer will be too, so we're lucky. maybe we won't see each other, but the storm will pass.

- ocg

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