Saturday, January 31, 2009

Coffee, lettuce, names and running...

Everyone around me is sneezing. Achoo! So far I've been lucky this year and haven't had a cold. Now that I've typed that, maybe I've jinxed myself. I feel like having another coffee. Saturday mornings make me crave more coffee than usual. My first cup this morning was extra good. Maybe that's the reason I feel like a second cup. The person who helped me get ready for today loves to chat. As a cancer survivor, I respect her. She tells me whatever is on her mind whether it's work, personal or medically related. I listen and try to be positive. Often I don't know what to say, but she must be okay with that because she keeps talking.

Remember the tennant in my building who thought I passed away? I saw her yesterday n the produce asile at the grocery store. For the first time in years, she knew my name. Hearing her say it made me feel so special. A high school teacher once told me that people love hearing their names. It's true. Names are personal and when acquaintances make an effort to remember who we are, it matters. The store was crowded. I couldn't hold my two bags of lettuce on my lap. The customer in front of me in the line-up offered to hold them for me and take them to the counter. As she paid and was leaving, she reminded me that my lettuce was waiting. Looking her in the eye, I thanked her and said to have a great weekend. I wish I had asked her name.

On my way home from running errands last night, I stopped into Starbucks for a cup of decaf coffee with a shot of sugar free vanilla syrup. I really didn't need coffee since I already had three cups that day, but I was cold. The shop was busy. Lots of people often come in and sit at a table with friends for a while. To me, a visit to Starbucks with the Observer or a good friend makes a fun Friday or Saturday night past-time. It's never too exciting, but something about mellow music, top-notch coffee, meaningful conversation and being surrounded by fellow coffee drinkers makes me feel centered. Coffee is my water, so I guess being in a coffee focused environment has to be appealing. The girl behind the counter who served me was very helpful. She must have remembered how to help me and how I take my coffee. The Starbucks girl would make a good friend. I could tell. Sitting in the shop was relaxing even though I forgot to bring my book. I kept checking messages on my cell phone. If I have it with me, I find it very distracting. Lately, I've been trying not to use it unless I absolutely have to. I think life is more peaceful if we give our full attention to the people and things around us. The people I have met on the bus by saying hello and being friendly have made my day. If I had been chatting on my cell phone, I would have missed those chances. Listening to a stranger's entire private conversation can feel a bit awkward, so I prefer to sit and mind my own business and if someone wants to chat, I'm down with that.

My listening ear got a good work-out today. At least I'm not out of breath and sweating. Sometimes I wish I could run......I hear walking is over-rated, but running must feel freeing.

Happy weekend!



Naynayfazz said...

When I worked at Starbucks I was often jealous of the people hanging out and relaxing while I was busting my butt working. Oh and on Sunday, people would read the NY Times and stay for hours and I would just look at them in envy. You are right, there is something about being there. I don't care what anyone says; a coffee house atmosphere is a great one!

Oh and I HATE when people have conversations on their cell phones. It is so rude. People don't realize how uncomfortable it makes others feel. Like I really care that you are doing this with so and so or you are going here on vacation! Get a life! :)