Thursday, January 15, 2009


It's another cold day. I shouldn't be surprised. Hot coffee is sure comforting. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer. Let's hope so. You can see your breath everywhere you go. Just knowing the temperature and that there is a cold weather alert makes me feel cold.

Yesterday my stomach was giving me trouble. I didn't feel like smiling or being happy, but I tried anyway. By afternoon I felt like myself. I'm lucky that being under the weather is not a permanent state for me. Discomfort comes in short waves and disappears quickly. Some people live their lives feeling unwell for long periods. I feel empathy for them and blessed that most of my day is spent feeling healthy.

Coming into my apartment yesterday, a sweet lady who lives in my building told me it was too cold for a young girl like me to be out and about. I smiled and said, "I could say the same to you, my wise friend." She laughed. The next five minutes involved her telling me all about her health issues - how she fainted in church and how her doctor thinks she may have a blood clot. I see the same tenant often. She's special. We connect. Seeing her makes me feel affectionate because she is so sweet and reminds me of my family. I listen and it makes me feel important. Each of us has health problems or issues of some kind. I'm young, so all I have is an irritated stomach. The lady in my building is old, so her issues are more complex, but somehow we understand one another.