Thursday, January 22, 2009

Flip-flopping plans...

Today was a meeting for my job. I decided to join by phone. I usually choose to go in person, because it's not too far. Having had an upset stomach for a number of days, I thought I better play it safe and stick close to home. I waited around all day for the phone to ring and to join the conference call but it never happened. Waiting makes for a very boring day.

I woke up very warm and sweaty this morning. I had my heat turned on and I guess I really didn't it. Mom says tomorrow is going to be the deep freeze again. The weather changes so quickly. Part of me is disappointed because it's not too cold today and I could have been out taking advantage of the seasonal temperatures. Having time to wait around is a blessing not everyone is afforded, so maybe I should feel grateful. Honestly, today felt wasted, but I am feeling good, so I guess that's a plus.

My plans for the weekend got all changed. Both the Observer and I kept having our schedules switched. My sister wants to go to the bridal show. I'm surprised. She's getting married in July. I don't think of her as the type to be interested in all the traditional wedding hype. My sister has always been easy going and done things her way. I admire her free spirit. I am her maid of honour, so the Observer convinced me that I ought to go the Bridal Show with her and Mom. He's right. My sister will only get married once. The thought of the Bridal Show doesn't excite me, but it's for my sister. Maybe one day I'll look back on the day and it will be a happy memory. If I miss out, there's no chance of that. Sometimes we just have to do what feels right, or be encouraged by people who know better - like our boyfriends.


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