Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Flipping for warmth...

I'm tired. There is snow on the ground. I watched it fall before going to bed last night. Someone told me that it's not too cold outside. I'm happy to hear that. Snow seems to keep temperatures from being frigid. On a day when it's freezing out, it's often really windy, but there's not a whole lot of snow.

Yesterday I spent a long time outside. My arms and legs felt numb. The weather was strangely pleasant - not too cold and sunny in places. I enjoyed being downtown. The streets were busy and many people smiled at me. They must have been appreciating the day too. Though it wasn't too chilly, it was still winter, so after a while, I did get cold. I stopped and got a coffee and that warmed me up. Once home, I turned my heat on. I rarely feel the need to have heat. I prefer to dress in layers, but when I really need warmth, I do flip it on. I'm lucky that I can warm my home up with a simple flip of a switch. Many people struggle to stay warm.

My eyes are half closing. It's not a good sign - considering it's just after noon. Maybe I need some fresh air. The Observer and I are meeting for dinner. Hopefully I will be more alert. Early this morning, I woke up with my legs twisted like a pretzel - very uncomfortable and hard to sleep. My stomach is upset, so I am a bit grumpy, but today will pass and some top notch sleep awaits.


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