Monday, January 19, 2009

Garlic breath...

My body is frustrating me. It's not doing what it needs to. Getting upset doesn't help, but it's hard to just wait. Things that are out of our control can cause so much stress.

The weather outside is snowy and cold. The streets are wet and messy. Yesterday afternoon the snow was coming down in funky, tiny, little wet balls. Watching them fall on my coat was strange and cool. The temperature has gone up. The air isn't so frigid, but now there's the snow. We win some and lose some, I suppose.

I met the Observer for dinner last night. I enjoyed our evening, but I could tell he was sad to return to his apartment. Having being at home with a sweet family, it's normal to feel sad, but the more we do it, the easier it becomes. After five years, I still feel sad to leave my family when I visit them. How can we not miss people we love? I ordered bruschetta for dinner. I usually do when we eat at the Pickle Barrel. It's served with bread sticks fashioned like a tower with a tomato salad in the middle. Eventually, as I eat each bread stick, the tower tumbles, which is part of the thrill of eating bruschetta. Both the Observer and I had garlic breath after dinner. I've heard that if two people both have garlic breath, they can't smell it on each other, so we are safe. Then again, after four years of dating, we've been around each other's garlic breath and all is still OK.

There have been many days for both of us when our bodies haven't cooperated and we've been uncomfortable. We undestand. Everyone does, but I know the Observer really understands and for that, I feel less alone.


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