Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sugary cold...

I can't believe how much the temperature has dropped between yesterday and today. The weather is biting cold. It hurts to be out in the freezing wind. Yesterday was quite seasonal. I didn't need my mittens while out with the Observer, which is a first for weeks. Being winter, I get a runny, snotty nose while outside. I suppose we all do. Once it drys, it looks like I sprinkled my nose with sugar. It's been looking this way every day for a while. I know a "sugary" nose sounds gross, but it's part of the season, right? On my way to the library, I keep seeing a caramel coloured pigeon. I usually only see white, grey, or black pigeons. This bird is pretty, probably because it's so unique. I always stop and admire the bird for a minute or two. I like to think it's a female, because we are naturally beautiful, but I guess it doesn't matter.

Last night I was so tired when the Observer was visiting. I think I was grumpy. Actually I know I was grumpy. Both of us were tired. I am glad we got to hang out. Sleeping has been a challenge for me lately. I've gained a bit of weight and I tend to worry about that at night. It's silly. Why loose sleep over something we can't change by worrying about it? Weight and my size will always be a big concern of mine. I'm not vain, but I worry about my health and size, as people do lift me daily. Life is easier when I'm lighter and I feel better. Even so, I wish my weight wasn't such an issue, but I guess we all have things that preoccupy our minds. Maybe I need more of a focus in life - something that gives me a purpose, but what? For today, I am going to the Bridal Show and being a daughter and sister. Right now, I am a girl who is slowly warming up while typing wearing black, fleece gloves. My nose is "sugary". I'm not a fan of the cold, so maybe my purpose is to find meaningful work and save my money, so I can move to Florida or Myrtle Beach as a lady in my golden years. Who knows? Maybe that caramel coloured pigeon is from somewhere warm. If I were a pigeon, I'd come here only in the spring and summer and not worry about my weight because there would be bigger things to ruffle my feathers over.


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we all get grumpy at times