Friday, January 30, 2009

Money is what keeps us going...

On my way to the library a short time ago, I got stuck behind a slew of protesters carrying signs and chanting something about the war in Sir Lanka. I don't know how I got stuck in the line of action. Luck or bad luck maybe. Most of the protesters were young and passionate about their cause, which is good. Honestly, I have to say that I was a bit annoyed that they were right in the middle of the street. They wanted to attract attention, which is exactly what they did. The people carrying signs were considerate and moved out of my way so I could pass. I appreciated their gesture and kept saying, "Thank you."

At the bank this afternoon, I met four friendly, helpful people in a row. A man in line beside me asked how I was managing in the snowy weather and if I had far to go. I like when people make small talk just because. If someone seems strange to me, I don't enjoy making conversation, but they usually get the hint pretty quickly. The bank teller who assisted me was down-to-earth and used my first name when addressing me. I felt important. People often use my first name when finances are concerned including when I use my credit card or at the bank. I guess money brings out manners. Leaving the bank, the security guard who helped me put my purse away and out of site was very understanding. On my way out the door, a girl my age held the door and gave me a warm smile. People are mostly good. There is anger, yelling, war and conflict everywhere. That's life. The world isn't perfect, but there will always be banks. Before this afternoon, I had never considered banks as places of human to human contact that ensure our lives keep moving. Money counts for much these days, but so does kindness.


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