Friday, January 23, 2009

Two minds...

I couldn't sleep last night. My mind was on fast forward. Thoughts were flying through my mind. I don't know why I couldn't relax and let sleep come. My bedroom TV came in handy. I watched a few shows, but nothing too exciting. Frasier re-runs make me laugh. Late at night I often watch the music channel. The noise probably doesn't put me in the mood for sleep, but I enjoy catching up on current tunes. The Observer has been telling me about a song called The Man Of Two Minds by a band called The Trews for a while. I finally heard the song last night. He kept telling me that I would enjoy The Man With Of Two Minds - that it is my style of music. He was right. It's a beautiful, mellow acoustic tune. It's comforting when someone knows the type of music I enjoy. The fact that the Observer knows my taste makes me feel special. I'm glad I finally heard the song The Man Of Two Minds. As I stared at my bedside table watching the minutes tick by, I was happy to hear such a pretty song and even happier to know that the Observer thought of me.

Today a homeless guy asked for "change for a beer." After living here a few years, I've heard my share of homeless people ask for cash. I've often thought they are probably wanting money for alcohol, but few actually say so because there is less of a chance that strangers will feed an addiction. The guy has guts to be so honest. Maybe he knows many people are aware of what he plans to do with the money, so why hide the truth? I wonder how many people actually do give the guy cash - probably not many. On some days, maybe that same guy wishes he wasn't so honest, because maybe a little discretion would mean more money from passers-by. He could be a man with two minds like the song I heard. A part of his brain probably tells him to be honest because it's right - while another part says to omit the truth to make more money. I think we all have two minds, but some of us don't sit on the street and show our venerability. I hope that man gets help and food, not beer. Maybe I didn't hear him right.


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