Saturday, February 07, 2009

Celebrating and the mysterious driver behind the wheel...

Today is quite mild outside. It's refreshing. A coat is still a good idea to wear but, for the first time in ages, I didn't need mittens and I wasn't wishing to get out of the cold. Hopefully the weather will stay this way for a bit. We never know in Canada.

The Observer's party went well yesterday. I hope he would agree. Surrounded by friends and laughing, he looked pleased. I travelled out of the city at rush hour, so I was late catching my buses, which shouldn't have surprised me. Such as life when we come from the city. By the time I arrived, most people had already eaten and were leaving. The Observer sat beside me, which made me happy, as I didn't know a lot of people. I was a bit shy to ask for a menu, but I was hungry. A girl's got to eat. I ordered a kid's cheese pizza with a salad. Sometimes restaurants let me order from the kid's menu, but not always. I wish they didn't discriminate against those with smaller appetites. My pizza was yummy and the perfect size. The Observer had a yummy piece of gooey, rich chocolate cake that looked delicious. I think he enjoyed it. Our close friends moved beside us as people left. They are two of my favourite people. Another former co-worker of the Observer's arrived later with her husband. She is very sweet. I was happy they came. Looking around at the six of us, I was struck with the thought that sometimes those who matter safe their arrival until later. Maybe I am sounding conceited. I enjoyed sitting in such a small group of good people. To me, it's not quantity that matters with friends, it's quality. I hope the Observer liked his party.

My bus driver who took me home was a funny, favourite transit worker who I hadn't seen in ages. He told me that I looked "quite healthy." Instantly, I assumed he meant that I gained weight. I know I have, but he was too polite to elaborate. The driver was diagnosed with diabetes and lost a ton of weight. I wanted to say, "I've gained what you have lost," but thought it might make him uncomfortable. I stuck with a safe, "You look very fit." He told me how he's taking much better care of himself and how he feels better than ever. Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better. When my bus driver dropped me home, I said that I hoped to see him again. He pointed out that often on public transit, we won't see someone for ages and than we'll see them two or three times a week for a while. Life's strange that way, but it keeps us pleasantly surprised.


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