Friday, February 20, 2009

Getting older....

Someone I saw and heard talking today reminded me of my grandfather. He had the same, low, soft, slightly gruff voice. My Grandpa can be pretty easy going about some things especially stuff that is new to him like technology. I suppose when we get older, we accept that we're out of touch with parts of the present. Grandpa's Alzheimer's seems to be worsening. He rarely recognizes my family. It's been a while since I've seen him. My Grandma is looking into getting live-in help. She thinks hiring a full-time care-giver would be very expensive.Thankfully however, money isn't an issue in their lives. If there is ever a time to make good use of our savings, isn't it when we're old and need care? If we don't enjoy the fruits of our labour in our golden years, when can we enjoy it? I am still young, so maybe I can't be empathetic. When I'm eighty, perhaps I'll understand.

Tonight I am meeting the Observer at the mall. I'm excited to see him and go out. It's been a long week. He's been a great listener.

It's cold outside again. For a while, I forgot it was winter. It only takes a little snow to remember. Yesterday was my sister's birthday. She turned thirty-one. We are celebrating on Sunday with a family dinner. Now is an exciting time in her life. Her wedding is in six months and she just moved into a new house. Life is being good to her. I am glad. Hopefully, by the time she is Grandpa's age, she'll look back and agree. When I'm eighty years old, I hope I live somewhere warm where there is no snow in February...


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